Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Pitt is in the ACC and that means money for undergraduate creative projects! Act fast--application is due March 27.

ACCAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation Request for Undergraduate Grant Proposals Since Pitt is a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC), Pitt students are eligible to participate in the ACCAC Fellows Program in Creativity and Innovation. This opportunity recognizes and financially supports undergraduates involved in student‐driven projects at each of the ACC member campuses. Projects Criteria for awards include, but are not limited to:  Originality  Creativity  Innovation  Experimentation  Intellectual risk Projects supported may include team‐driven activities or individual projects, multi‐school ventures, artistic endeavors, videos, and creative projects abroad. The project must result in a deliverable that can be submitted to the ACC—some examples include an audio or DVD recording, photographs or video of a model or display, a written document, and a computer or web application. Initial progress report is due August 17, 2015, and the final project is due October 16, 2015. Eligibility  Any full‐time degree‐seeking undergraduate Pitt student who is in good academic standing is can submit an application.  Grants up to $3,500 will be considered. Projects with exceptional promise, team experiences, and expenses including travel abroad will be considered for amounts up to $5,000.  Funds may be allocated for both direct expenses as well as stipend support so that a student can carry out the research.  Priority consideration will be given to applications received by March 27, 2015.  Award notification will follow as available. Applications shall include: 1) Project statement from student 2) Project budget 3) Statement of support from a faculty mentor addressing the proposed project. 4) Student name, e‐mail, and cell phone number Submit applications by e‐mail to Professor Meriney at Priority consideration will be given to applications received by March 27, 2015.