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Jewish Studies Courses Fall 2013

Registration for Fall 2013 has begun.... 

The following are the JS courses with information on cross-listing and times.

If you have questions about Hebrew placement, contact Haya Feig  (feig[at]pitt)

If you have questions about courses counting toward the Jewish Studies Certificate or the JS 1901 independent study, contact Jason von Ehrenkrook (jvonehr[at]pitt)

If you have questions about internship possibilities, contact either Dr. von Ehrenkrook or Adam Shear (ashear[at]pitt).
JS  0013  ELEMENTARY HEBREW 1    M-F  10-10:50 am (5 credits)            Feig
JS 0025   INTERMEDIATE HEBREW 3   MWF   11-11:50 am             Feig
JS 0037   ADVANCED HEBREW 1             TTh  11-12:15 pm                        Feig   
JS 0282    US AND THE HOLOCAUST    TTh 1-2:15 pm OR 2:30-3:45 pm  Burstin
cross-listed HIST 0678/RELGST 0283                        
 Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1160    JERUSALEM: HISTORY AND IMAGINATION    M 6-8:30 pm      von Ehrenkrook
cross-listed HIST 1779/RELGST 1160                        
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies  and For. Culture/Regional
JS 1210    JEWS AND JUDAISM IN THE ANCIENT WORLD            MWF 1-1:50 pm von Ehrenkrook
cross-listed RELGST 1210/CLASS 1450   
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1250    JEWS AND JUDAISM IN THE MODERN WORLD    TTh  11-12:15 pm             Shear
cross-listed HIST 1767/RELGST 1250                        
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1260           JEWS IN THE UNITED STATES            TTh 11-12:15 pm                        Burstin
cross-listed  HIST 1677/RELGST 1260                      
  Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies

Monday, March 18, 2013

David Berg Family Endowment Fund: Applications due March 29



These scholarships are provided by a generous gift from University of Pittsburgh alum David Berg, through the David Berg Foundation. Via the David Berg Family Endowment Fund, these scholarships are administered through the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership within the School of Business. They support undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level students on the Oakland campus while they devote themselves to completing an academic program or conducting a project related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world as they exist today or in the future. Qualified students will received up to $5000 per year. In extraordinary cases, an amount in greater than $5000 may be awarded. Special consideration will be given to students who are participating in the University’s Jewish Studies program, students pursuing the Certificate in Ethics and Leadership from the College of Business Administration (CBA), students pursuing the Summer Edge in Ethics and Leadership in Business and Society, doctoral students engaged in research on ethics, and for those students with financial need who are somehow engaged in programs, projects, or courses related to ethics and business.

Scholarships will be awarded to undergraduate, graduate or doctoral level students who are involved in one of the following:

1) Acceptance to an academic program or certificate offering by the University of Pittsburgh that is expressly related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world or within the broader society.

2) Preparation of articles, papers, theses or dissertations related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world or within the broader society.

3) Participation in conferences, competitions or academic meetings related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world or within the broader society.

4) Participation in experience-based learning programs or projects to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world or within the broader society.

5) Summer research project sponsored by a University faculty member related to the use of ethics to solve problems in the business world or within the broader society.

Berg Scholarship awardees are required to document the outcome of their work via letter, summary report or copy of published paper or presentation submitted to the Berg Center. Students are also expected to participate in or attend special events, lectures, workshops, etc. initiated by the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership that are relevant to their project, program or research activity.

Selection Criteria:

Fellows are selected on the basis of their academic record, the originality and promise of their proposed project (which may be analytic or purely creative), and their willingness to help create and participate in an interdisciplinary community of students. A clear connection between the study of ethics in business and society is required. In addition, support from a program or faculty advisor for research or experience-based projects is required. The deadline for submitting applications for support is March 29th, 2013 by 5pm (EST).

Questions about the David Berg Scholarship program should be directed to the David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership located in Mervis Hall, Room 335 (



1. Name:

2. Permanent Address:

3. Local Address:

4. Local Phone:

5. Cell Phone:

6. Pitt Email Address:

7. Other Email Address:

8. School:

9. Department:

10. Area of Study/Major:

11. GPA:

12. Faculty Advisor:

13. Phone Number:

14. Email Address:

15. Title of Project/Study/Program:

16. Please provide the following:

a. A written description of the program, project or activity for which you are requesting support (not to exceed 2 pages).

b. An up-to-date copy of your transcript. (An unofficial transcript is acceptable)

c. A brief explanation as to how this program, project or activity is relevant to the student of ethics in business and society.

d. A brief overview as to how this experience will help to support you overall career and professional goals.

17. Letter of support or recommendation from a faculty advisor, project sponsor or program coordinator.

18. Any additional information that you believe is relevant to an evaluation of your application.

All application and supportive materials to be submitted online or via mail to:

University of Pittsburgh

David Berg Center for Ethics and Leadership

Mervis Hall, Room 335

Pittsburgh, PA 15260

Office: (412) 648-1602 Email:

Another Summer Program in Jerusalem

Thursday, March 14, 2013

New Summer Program in Jerusalem

Video-blog contest to get a scholarship to the Galilee College Program in Middle East and Religious Studies

The Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies is happy to announce a contest in which the winner will get 50% off the local expenses fees PLUS a full tuition scholarship.
We know that the upcoming programme will attract worldwide participants who are interested in the present situation of the Middle East. We believe that the complexities of the region can be better understood when one actually sees for one’s self.
Participants should video themselves (a maximum of 60 seconds) to convince us that we have to choose them. The candidates should upload their clip to YouTube and send us the link to the following email address:  (All videos must be in English). For more information regarding the contest details please visit our FB page:

Your entry must be sent with all required documentation as detailed here:
Last summer we had a writing contest, you can read the winner’s blog on:
The winner of this year’s contest will be required to shoot a weekly blog while he/she is on the programme to be featured on our website, Facebook & YouTube channel.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Shalom & Regards,



Shiri Salant - Fein (Mrs.)
Programme Director
Centre of Middle East & Religious Studies
+972 4 6428888/823
+972 4 6514811
Galilee International Management Institute - Israel



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