Friday, September 4, 2015

Another MA Program: Jewish Studies at Indiana University

The M.A. in Jewish Studies provides students with the advanced interdisciplinary and language study necessary to prepare them for a doctoral program in a disciplinary department or for nonacademic careers in the professional world and nonprofit sector. Building on the unique strengths of the Borns Jewish Studies Program, the M.A. program in Jewish Studies allows students to take classes with IU's world-class faculty in a wide range
of areas within Jewish Studies, to work closely with a faculty mentor on an
independent masters thesis project, and to pursue internship opportunities as part of the masters degree program.  The program will normally take two years to complete, but can be completed in three semesters with summer study.

The M.A. in Jewish Studies can be combined with a certificate in nonprofit management from Indiana Universitys School for Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). Students with a particular interest in modern Jewish history can pursue a dual M.A. in Jewish Studies and History.

Most students receive fellowship funding of up to $20,000 plus health insurance and fee remission.
“As a small graduate program, the Borns JSP creates a community of future scholars, fostering an uncommon culture of partnership among M.A. students and Ph.D. minors while offering the interdisciplinary courses and sponsored events of a large university.  One example of this mutual support is the thriving JS Graduate Student Association, which provides monthly paper readings, an annual graduate student conference, and faculty-graduate workshops/lunches every other week.  The strength of this M.A. program lies in the tight-knit, supportive, and focused academic community nurtured by accessible professors and dedicated staff.”                          – Matthew Brittingham, M.A. student


Borns Jewish Studies Program
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