Monday, September 12, 2016

Great opportunity to improve research proposal-writing skills!

The Nationality Room scholarship competition is coming up soon and in the spring we will be accepting application for the Halpern Award for Jewish studies projects.  Start to get ready by checking out workshops like these.

Opportunities in New York and London in March and May

Pitt offers amazing opportunities for field study in New York and London.  Those interested in Jewish history and culture should pay particular attention to the New York program since NYC has the largest Jewish population of any city ever... 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Some fellowship and scholarship information sessions that may be of interest:

Critical Language Scholarship Program Information Sessions
Featuring Erin West, CLS Program ambassador and student at Brown University studying social development
Tuesday, September 6 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register

The Critical Language Scholarship provides funding for immersive summer study in one of thirteen critical languages in a host country. Depending on the language, programs are offered at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels. Students of diverse disciplines and majors are encouraged to apply. U.S. citizenship is required. Deadline is late November, 2016.

DAAD Study/Research Graduate Awards
Monday, September 12 @ 4:00 PM in 4130 Posvar Hall Register
DAAD Study/Research Graduate Awards provides funding for graduate study or research in all fields in Germany. Not all fields require German language proficiency. U.S. citizenship or permanent residency required. Contact Stephen Lund at for details about Pitt's campus process and campus deadlines. DAAD deadlines run between late September and early November, 2016, depending on field.

Boren Scholarship Information Sessions
Wednesday, September 14 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register
Wednesday, October 12 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register

Boren Scholars study less-commonly taught languages in world regions critical to U.S. national security interests. Previous language study is NOT required. In exchange for funding, Boren Scholars commit to working in the federal government for at least one year after undergraduate or graduate school. U.S. citizenship is required. Pitt campus deadline for undergraduates is December 1, 2016. Graduate student fellowship applicants should contact Jessica Sun ( for more information. 

Truman Scholarship and Udall Scholarship Information Sessions
Wednesday, September 21 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register
Wednesday, October 19 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register

The Harry S. Truman Scholarship provides juniors who demonstrate academic potential, outstanding leadership, and a commitment to the public sector up to $30,000 for 2-3 years of graduate study. Pitt can nominate up to four candidates for this award. U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals or permanent residents of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to apply. Pitt campus deadline is December 1, 2016.
The Udall Scholarship awards $5,000 to sophomores and juniors from any discipline who demonstrate a commitment to environmental issues through a combination of coursework, research, internships, jobs, or extracurricular activities. Native American or Alaskan native students are also eligible for fields related to tribal health care or tribal policy. Pitt can nominate up to eight candidates for this award. U.S. citizens, nationals, and permanent residents are eligible to apply. Pitt campus deadline is early February.

Soros (Paul and Daisy) Fellowships for New Americans Information Sessions
Thursday, September 22 @ 12:30 PM in the Dowd Room, Cohon University Center, Carnegie Mellon University Register

The Soros Fellowships for New Americans supports new Americans, immigrants or the children of immigrants through up to two years of graduate study in any field in the United States. Each award is for up to $25,000 in stipend support (not to exceed $40,000), as well as 50 percent of required tuition and fees, up to $20,000 per year, for two years. Deadline is November 1, 2016.

Beinecke ScholarshipErtegun Scholarship, and DeKarman Fellowship Information Sessions
Wednesday, September 28 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register
Wednesday, October 26 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register

The Beinecke Scholarship provides students in the arts, humanities, and social sciences $4,000 immediately prior to graduate school and additional $30,000 while attending graduate school. Applicants must be juniors and have a documented history of receiving need-based financial aid during their undergraduate years. Pitt can nominate one candidate for this award. U.S. citizens and U.S. nationals from American Samoa or the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands are eligible to apply. Pitt campus deadline is mid-December, 2016.
The Ertegun Scholarship funds graduate studies in the humanities at Oxford in a unique setting that fosters dialogue across academic disciplines, cultures, and generations. U.S. citizenship is NOT required. Deadline is January 6, 2017 for philosophy and January 20, 2017 for all other subjects.
The DeKarman Fellowship provides $14,000 for undergraduates and $22,000 for graduate students in any discipline whose scholastic achievements reflect high standards. Special consideration will be given to applicants in the humanities. U.S. citizenship is NOT required. Deadline is January 31, 2017.
Humanity in Action and John Lewis Fellowships Information Session
Wednesday, November 9 @ 12:00 PM on CL 37th Floor Register

The Humanity in Action and John Lewis Fellowships bring international groups of university students and recent graduates together in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Copenhagen, Paris, and Warsaw to explore national histories of discrimination and resistance, as well as examples of issues affecting different minority groups today. Each program is highly interdisciplinary and seeks to highlight different models of action to remedy injustice. Deadline is January 4, 2017.

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Free coffee and donuts, Friday September 2, 9-11 am, Cathedral Common Room

Welcome to the 2016-2017 academic year from the Jewish Studies Program!

 Undergraduates and faculty: please join us Friday morning for kosher donuts and coffee, good conversation, some previews of events this year, and library swag! Drop by any time between 9 am and 11 am at our table in the Cathedral of Learning Common Room.