Friday, February 4, 2011

Masters in Jewish-Christian Relations, Cambridge, England

The course offers you a unique opportunity to familiarize
yourself in depth with Jewish-Christian relations from a
variety of disciplinary perspectives (including history,
sociology, political, cultural and biblical studies)
acquire a Master’s degree from one of the world’s foremost
universities that will significantly enhance your career
prospects. Committed to the highest academic standards,
this rigorous scholarly programme is offered by the
University of Cambridge in conjunction with the Centre for
the Study of Jewish–Christian Relations (Woolf Institute).
The MSt is open to applicants of all ages and cultural,
academic and professional backgrounds.
Residential and e-learning option
You can pursue the course residentially in
Cambridge or via e-learning. Students in
both modes undertake the same reading,
access the same material and complete the
same assignments. E-learners can join all
plenary lectures, workshops and research
seminars via the Internet.
Entry requirements
You will ordinarily need a good first degree,
though not necessarily in a relevant
discipline if you can demonstrate sufficient
subject-related competence. Applicants who
find they do not meet the MSt entry
requirements may want to build up a
stronger profile by taking the Introduction
to the Study of Jews, Christians and Muslims
in contemporary Europe in conjunction
with the University of Cambridge Advanced
Diploma in the Study of Religion that is
currently in the process of being approved.
Programme structure
In your first year, you take four taught
papers (Foundations, Scripture, History,
Culture) each assessed by one 4,000-word
essay. In the second year, you focus
exclusively on your 15,000-word
dissertation. You may also choose to spend
part (or all) of your second year working on
your dissertation at one of the Czech,
German, or Polish universities with whom
we already have, or are currently in the
process of establishing, Erasmus agreements.
If you are thinking of pursuing a relevant
PhD after the MSt, the Faculty of Divinity
may recognize the MSt as the first year of
study towards your doctorate.
The fees are £4900 altogether for both
years. You will also need to pay college
fees of ca. £350-400. Bursaries are
available depending on academic merit
and financial circumstances.
The Master of Studies (MSt) in The Study of
Jewish-Christian Relations

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