Monday, September 10, 2012

Yiddish Club Meeting September 12

The Yiddish Club writes: "Sholem aleykhem! The J'Burgh Yiddish Club will be holding a meeting on Wednesday, September 12th, at 8pm for those interested in studying Yiddish and/or celebrating Yiddish culture. Homemade dessert will be served. Why might you want to join the Yiddish club? To open a whole world of Jewish literature, history, and music to which you formerly had no access. To become part of a community of interesting, welcoming, and committed young people from Vilnius to Tel Aviv to New York and beyond. To truly learn about, stand for, and pass on your own culture. To connect to Judaism in a way that is deep, but not specifically religious, Zionist, or Holocaust-oriented. To learn the language your grandparents kept secret from your parents. To finally find the motivation to learn a second language. Whatever your reason and no matter your background, seize this opportunity while you can! RSVP here if you are interested, even if you can't make it: The location will be sent out to those that RSVP."

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