Friday, January 25, 2013

Galilee College Summer Program

Israeli – Palestinian Programmes: Political Science and Middle East Studies
Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies, 4th- 29th July, 2013

During the years that we have been running our Centre’s programmes, we have enjoyed hosting participants from 32 different nations.  We have found that many participants have studied away from their home countries and some have unique life stories which bring added value to many of the fascinating discussions between all involved.

The Winter 2013 Programme ended this week and one of the participants was Prof. Reza Afshari, originally from Iran and now a Faculty member in the History Dept. of Pace University, New York. Prof. Afshari is the author of the book: “Human Rights in Iran: the Abuse of Cultural Relativism”.

Prof. Afshari has been studying the Israeli-Palestinian conflict for years, but this was his first visit to Israel. As an Historian, he sees the conflict as an on-going story with the final chapter yet to be determined. He summarised that this chapter must include an agreement between the Jewish and Palestinian citizens of the region, which will lead to a better relationship between Israel and its neighbouring countries.

The Political Science and Middle East Studies Programme will be held on 4th – 29th July. The participants will stay at the Galilee Institute Study Centre in the pastoral environment of Kibbutz Mizra.

A limited number of tuition scholarships will be given to suitable candidates (on a first come, first served basis). The participants have to cover the local living expenses.

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