Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Two Nations and Three Religions in Israel and Palestine

“Two Nations and Three Religions in Israel and Palestine
A Programme Delivered by Israeli and Palestinian Academics
Israel, 29th December, 2013 - 10th January, 2014

Dear Ms. Henderson,

Israeli and Palestinian peace activists strongly believe that involving the public in the peace-making process is a crucial step in creating the social conditions for peace.
This initiative, implemented by NGO “Minds of Peace”, and more will be examined and discussed in depth during the Galilee Institute special programme: “Two Nations and Three Religions in Israel and Palestine”.

Registration for the upcoming winter programme is now open!
The programme - intended for students and professionals interested in the Middle East - aims to provide first hand exposure to various aspects regarding the Israeli and Palestinian society, history and relations. Through classroom lectures and study tours led by Israeli and Palestinian Academics, the participants will gain a rich and deep insight as to the current reality

A limited number of *tuition scholarships will be available to qualified candidates.

We would appreciate you bringing this programme to the attention of the students at your university. There will also be a Summer Programme “Political Science and Israeli-Palestinians Conflict” in July 2014. Students who are interested in either programmes should contact the Programme Director, Mrs. Nirit Yardeni-Drori at: 

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Joseph Shevel, President
Galilee International Management Institute

*This does not include the airfare to and from Israel and the living expenses while the participant is in Israel, which are to be covered by the candidate or sponsor.

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