Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Another course relevant to Jewish Studies in the spring term

Not formally cross-listed but can count toward the JS certificate with permission.

VIENNA 1900 (GER 1528) in the Spring at Pitt...
Where? 142 Cathedral of Learning When? Tu, Th 11:00 AM – 12:15 PM
Looking at major political and cultural changes in one of the most fascinating cities of Europe, this multimedia course tells the tale of Vienna 1900, a flamboyant cultural center of Europe, where creativity was flourishing in literature, music, the arts, philosophy, mathematics, mechanical engineering, the social sciences, and medicine.
This course investigates the parallels between Vienna and other European capitals such as Paris, Berlin, and London at the turn of the last century, introducing students to the multifaceted European in its relation to the present time. It gives special attention to the radical changes in different disciplines from literature, music, and the arts to philosophy,
psychoanalysis, mathematics, mechanical engineering, and social sciences. Ger 1528 fulfills one general-education requirement–Foreign Culture/Int. (Reg.)–and also counts towards the West
European Studies certificate. The course will be taught in English. Prerequisite(s): none.
Credit for German majors wishing to read texts in German. For further information, please contact: Prof. Amy Colin at:

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