Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New MA program in Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University

Tel Aviv University opens a new and unique MA program offering a series of comprehensive encounters with the classical texts of Jewish cultures from biblical to modern times. Over the course of three back-to-back semesters, our one-year program's interdisciplinary curriculum provides students with knowledge in facets of Jewish culture, civilization and history through a wide range of periods. A variety of methodologies will be employed to gain new insights. Topics studied include: Biblical theology and exegisis, the history of the Hebrew language, comparative study of rabbinic and Christian texts, readings in the Talmuds, the development of Jewish mysticism, medieval and modern Jewish philosophy and Kabbalah and ancient Jewish magic.
The first semester offers surveys of the relevant fields, while the other two semesters concentrate on intensive reading of primary texts. All courses emphasize textual proficiency and reading skills.

The program is designed for students seeking a Master degree, as an end in itself, but it also provides a foundation for further graduate studies in fields relating to Jewish Studies.

For further information, please visit our website: or contact the program coordinator, Emilie Levy at

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