Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stanford University: new graduate program in Education and Jewish Studies

from Sam Wineburg samwineburg@GMAIL.COM

The Stanford School of Education is inviting applicants for the new
PhD Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies.

The Concentration will be anchored by a newly endowed chair in the School of
Education, which will engage students in an active and innovative research
program already underway. The interdisciplinary Concentration affords
students an opportunity to draw on expertise from across the campus to
articulate critical research questions that will reflect and redefine the
intersection of Education and Jewish Studies. ****


Students are encouraged to pursue questions that draw on a broad
understanding of the dynamics and parameters of education, collaborate with
faculty, and undertake research that crosses disciplines and subject areas.
Located within the School of Education, students in the Concentration will
study alongside peers from all over the world, while also developing
scholarly connections with Stanford's renown Taube Center for Jewish
Studies. Together, these two rich fields of scholarly inquiry will frame
and inform the experience of students as they develop their own interests
and research agendas.


The Concentration is organized around commitments to generating scholarship
that will define the next generation of research on Education and Jewish
Studies and to cultivating a strong evidence base for the field that can
inform both policy and practice.


All students admitted to the Concentration in Education and Jewish Studies
will be supported by an endowed fellowship that covers four years of tuition
and provides a generous monthly stipend. For additional information, please
visit our website or email us with questions.

website: http://edjs.stanford.edu****
email: *edjs@suse.stanford.edu*****

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