Friday, March 29, 2013

Jewish Studies Courses Fall 2013

Registration for Fall 2013 has begun.... 

The following are the JS courses with information on cross-listing and times.

If you have questions about Hebrew placement, contact Haya Feig  (feig[at]pitt)

If you have questions about courses counting toward the Jewish Studies Certificate or the JS 1901 independent study, contact Jason von Ehrenkrook (jvonehr[at]pitt)

If you have questions about internship possibilities, contact either Dr. von Ehrenkrook or Adam Shear (ashear[at]pitt).
JS  0013  ELEMENTARY HEBREW 1    M-F  10-10:50 am (5 credits)            Feig
JS 0025   INTERMEDIATE HEBREW 3   MWF   11-11:50 am             Feig
JS 0037   ADVANCED HEBREW 1             TTh  11-12:15 pm                        Feig   
JS 0282    US AND THE HOLOCAUST    TTh 1-2:15 pm OR 2:30-3:45 pm  Burstin
cross-listed HIST 0678/RELGST 0283                        
 Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1160    JERUSALEM: HISTORY AND IMAGINATION    M 6-8:30 pm      von Ehrenkrook
cross-listed HIST 1779/RELGST 1160                        
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies  and For. Culture/Regional
JS 1210    JEWS AND JUDAISM IN THE ANCIENT WORLD            MWF 1-1:50 pm von Ehrenkrook
cross-listed RELGST 1210/CLASS 1450   
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1250    JEWS AND JUDAISM IN THE MODERN WORLD    TTh  11-12:15 pm             Shear
cross-listed HIST 1767/RELGST 1250                        
Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies
JS 1260           JEWS IN THE UNITED STATES            TTh 11-12:15 pm                        Burstin
cross-listed  HIST 1677/RELGST 1260                      
  Gen-Ed:  Historical Studies

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