Thursday, March 14, 2013

Video-blog contest to get a scholarship to the Galilee College Program in Middle East and Religious Studies

The Centre of Middle East and Religious Studies is happy to announce a contest in which the winner will get 50% off the local expenses fees PLUS a full tuition scholarship.
We know that the upcoming programme will attract worldwide participants who are interested in the present situation of the Middle East. We believe that the complexities of the region can be better understood when one actually sees for one’s self.
Participants should video themselves (a maximum of 60 seconds) to convince us that we have to choose them. The candidates should upload their clip to YouTube and send us the link to the following email address:  (All videos must be in English). For more information regarding the contest details please visit our FB page:

Your entry must be sent with all required documentation as detailed here:
Last summer we had a writing contest, you can read the winner’s blog on:
The winner of this year’s contest will be required to shoot a weekly blog while he/she is on the programme to be featured on our website, Facebook & YouTube channel.

For more information please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.

Shalom & Regards,



Shiri Salant - Fein (Mrs.)
Programme Director
Centre of Middle East & Religious Studies
+972 4 6428888/823
+972 4 6514811
Galilee International Management Institute - Israel



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