Thursday, June 13, 2013

Update on Fall Courses

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Update on fall courses:

Jerusalem: History and Imagination: The JS 1160 section is "closed"; but there are seats in RELGST 1160 and HIST 1779 cross-listed sections. Remember that for all cross-listed courses, it does not matter which section you are enrolled in for requirements for majors, minors, certificates, or general education courses. All cross-listed sections are considered the same course for purposes of fulfilling requirements.
Jews and Judaism in the Modern World: JS 1250 and HIST 1767 are "closed"; but there are seats in RELGST 1250.

Jews and Judaism in the Ancient World and Jews in the United States: seats available in all sections.

US and the Holocaust: both course sections are completely full. Consider Jews in the United States or Jews and Judaism in the Modern World as alternatives.

Note: 1000-level JS courses are open to freshmen. There are no prerequisites.

Space is also available in all levels of modern Hebrew for the fall. You can enroll in Hebrew 1 with no placement test. For Hebrew 3 or 5, contact the advising center or the JS program for a placement test.

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