Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Summer Programme: “Political Science and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict”

Summer Programme: “Political Science and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict”
A Programme Delivered by Israeli and Palestinian Academics
9–21 July, 2014

Registration for the Summer Programme is now open!

The programme met expectations with unanticipated treasures.  The people, communities, the information, the wonders, the history, the bring all this together in a meaningful way, that is, that provides new meanings to those who participate is both a skill and a grace.”

Prof. Michael Kuchinsky, Associate Professor of Political Science, Gardner Webb University, USA, 12/01/2014. 

The Programme is intended for students and faculty members, interested in the Middle East. Participants should have an academic background in one of the following fields: history, religion, political science, journalism, international and/or Middle East studies.
We would appreciate you bringing this programme to the attention of your colleagues and students that might be interested.

A limited number of tuition scholarships* will be available to qualified candidates.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact me at: 

sincerely yours,
Mrs. Nirit Yardeni-Drori
Programme Director
Galilee International Management Institute

*This does not include the airfare to and from Israel and the living expenses which are to be covered by the participant or sponsor.


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