Tuesday, January 17, 2012

MA in Jewish Studies, Tel Aviv University: Scholarships Available

From: Emilie Levy [mailto:majes@post.tau.ac.il]
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Subject: RE: scholarships offered by the MA program in Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University

Scholarships: International MA in Jewish Studies (in English), Tel Aviv University, 2012-2013

The international MA in Jewish Studies at Tel Aviv University (in =
invites applicants for two merit based scholarships of US $5,000 each to qualified international students for the 2012-2013 academic year.
This new one year MA offers a series of intimate encounters with the classical texts of Jewish culture, from biblical to modern times. Its intellectual home is in the department of Hebrew Culture Studies at Tel = Aviv University, the single largest integrated Jewish Studies department in = the
Courses are taught by a team of dedicated lecturers, with world-class expertise in their respective fields and committed to teaching = excellence.
Courses are text-centered, with primary texts in Hebrew (with = translations), and secondary reading and teaching in English, and students acquire the skills and tools that constitute the foundation of Jewish text study = Areas covered include Bible, Hebrew language, rabbinic exegesis and Midrash, Talmudic and Christian texts compared, Jewish mysticism, medieval = philosophy and kabbalah, ancient Jewish magic, and modern Jewish thought Tel Aviv's location provides excellent opportunities for on-site study.
Students can, e.g., enhance their understanding of 1st CE texts through = a series of guided excursions to archeological digs and other key = locations in the Galilee, the Judean Desert and Jerusalem.=20 Candidates must complete the program application, by March 15th.=20 Scholarships will be awarded by an academic committee.
To find out more about the program, and to apply for scholarships, = please visit our website:
http://humanities.tau.ac.il/jewish_studies/ or contact Emilie Levy:

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