Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Summer 2015 plans?

Yes, already time to think about next summer:

Sept. 1, 2014

Dear friends, dear colleagues,

We are happy to announce that the application period for the Leo Baeck Summer University 2015 has begun.

The early-admission application deadline is October 1, 2014. Students accepted early may apply for Short-Term Grants under the DAAD [https://www.daad.de/deutschland/stipendium/datenbank/en/21148-scholarship-database/?detail=50015434]. The final LBSU application deadline is March 2, 2015. We will review applications on a rolling basis.

We’d greatly appreciate your sharing this information with your students and placing it in any upcoming bulletins / journals.

LBSU Advanced Program in German-Jewish Studies, July 2 to August 15, 2015:

The Leo Baeck Summer University at the Humboldt University is an English-language, six-week summer school in Jewish studies Berlin, under the auspices of the Zentrum für Jüdische Studien (Center for Jewish Studies) Berlin-Brandenburg. Advanced undergraduate and master’s students are encouraged to apply. Upon successful completion of the program students are granted 12 ECTS credits, transferable to home institutions.

As a transatlantic bridge and international meeting point for education and exchange, the LBSU examines Jewish life in Germany before, during and after the Holocaust, with a particular focus on the contemporary experience in relation to the broader and ever more diverse German society as well as to other Jewish communities in Israel, the United States and worldwide.

Students are enrolled in a daily, three-hour morning academic seminar and attend professionally led excursions and lectures in the afternoon, which complement the subjects presented in the academic segment.

Applications must be sent to info@lbsu.de and include
1. a resume
2. a brief (500-word) personal statement elaborating on their interest in the program
3. a letter of recommendation sent directly by a professor / instructor to info@lbsu.de
4. for students who are not native speakers of English, a letter from a professor / instructor attesting to their advanced English language skills

Please see our website for further information (www.lbsu.de).

Early-admission application deadline is October 1, 2014. Students accepted under the early admission program may apply for scholarships under the DAAD program. The final LBSU application deadline is March 2, 2015.

Again, thanks in advance for sharing this information with interested students and colleagues.

Kind regards,

Toby Axelrod                                                           
Academic Director, LBSU

Johanna Wolter
Executive Director, LBSU

Sophienstr. 22a
D-10178 Berlin

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