Thursday, October 27, 2016

Spring 2017 Course preview, part 5: Let's start at the very beginning...


This course explores the history and development of the people of Israel in ancient times. What do we know about the Israelites and how do we know it? Students will read both biblical and extra-biblical materials and study the remains of key archaeological sites. They will learn about everyday life in ancient Israel, the role of class and gender, life-cycle events, religious festivals, political institutions, systems of belief, and famous personages in history and lore. The trajectory of the course will begin with the Near Eastern origins of the people, continue through the rise of the Israelite and Judahite monarchies, and end with the post-exilic reestablishment of the Second Temple commonwealth in the Persian period. 

Dr. Ben Gordon 
JS 1100/HIST 1765/RELGST 1100
MWF 11-11:50  Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Reg

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