Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Spring 2017 courses, part 4, O Jerusalem!

Some of today's news stories:

What is this city?  Ancient sacred site?  Contested land?  Wanna-be high-tech center?  Eurocup contender?   All of the above?

Study the real and imagined Jerusalem, past and present in:

Jerusalem: History and Imagination
with Dr. Benjamin Gordon
JS 1160/HIST 1779/HAA 1105/RELGST 1160
MW 3-4:15  Gen-Ed: Foreign Culture/Reg  OR Historical Change

The holy city of Jerusalem is at the heart of the Western religious imagination and of contemporary political conflict in the Middle East. Traditionally it has been a center of religious pilgrimage, home to Israelite kings and Islamic caliphs. Today it is a cutting-edge urban center marked by stunning demographic diversity, a rapidly expanding economy, and an intractable political crisis. In this course, we will examine the history of the city—from its earliest days to today—with an eye toward its religious significance in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Special attention will be given to Jerusalem’s changing urban fabric: its architecture, neighborhoods, natural resources, economy, and religious institutions. 

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